Comprehensive Hospice

It's about living, too.

Palliative Care Program

CompCare will be there to help you

Comprehensive Home Care

Because life happens at home

Hospice is not a company or a place: it is a philosophy. Hospice is a benefit provided by Medicare. There are no deductibles or out of pocket costs for the patient or their family to receive our services. Read more to learn how hospice is different than home health.

    • All medications related to the hospice diagnosis
    • Medical equipment necessary to your care
    • Physician house calls
    • Personal care
    • Assistance navigating through other available benefits
    • Grief counseling
    • Spiritual support
    • Volunteers

We promise to be available 24/7 and to immediately respond if you or a loved one needs help. We promise to listen to all your concerns and discuss treatment options. We promise to discuss your plan of care with you and to work in partnership with you to meet your individual goals. And, if you want it, we’ll hunt down that ice cream sundae…

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